Trading Info

Here are some important rules that should be read carefully before considering a trade. If you have questions about any of these, contact me.

Trading rules

I always keep up my end of the bargain and I expect the same from you! Should there be any delays or problems during a trade, just contact me and we’ll work it out, I will do the same.

Both audio and video recordings are traded online for faster exchange. I no longer do snailmail.

VOB’s and other video files can usually be played by video players such as VLC or MPC even if they are in a poor state, however try to make sure they can be played without problems because uploading large video files that don’t work is just a waste of time.

If a download link has been deleted for whatever reason before one of us has been able to download it, or if there is something missing from the recording, I expect you to re-send it, I will do the same. This also applies for broken archive files such as zip, rar or 7-zip. Please don’t use passwords on your archive files!

Trading information

I only use online file hosters or personal cloud storage that provides good speeds and have as little as possible restrictions for free/public users. Always state which file host or cloud storage you are going to use before you start uploading! While some file hosts or cloud storage will work well for some people, they might not work for everyone and uploading or downloading large files with very slow speeds and a lot of restrictions is not worth your time or mine.

Sound quality is rated from A+ (the highest possible quality) to D- (the lowest possible quality).

Trading ratios

1 audio recording for 1 audio recording.

1 video recording for 1 video recording.

2 audio recordings for 1 video recording.

There are of course cases where certain rare items may be more valuable then others and different trading ratios may then apply. This can all be discussed before the actual trade of course and if you have questions, you can always contact me.

Thanks for reading, this way trading will be safe and fun!