Miscellaneous Audio

New additions are marked in red.

Demos & Rarities

Broadway Revival Cast Rehearsals

Quality: B+ to C-
Available formats: WMA
Notes: 3 tracks, Could We Start Again, Please, Everything’s Alright, I Don’t Know How To Love Him

Dino Manzella Demo Tape

Quality: A+
Available formats: MP3
Notes: 2 versions of Heaven on Their Minds.

Doogie White Demos

Quality: A+
Available formats: MP3
Notes: 3 tracks, Gethsemane, 2 versions of Poor Jerusalem.

Martone Cosmo Demo Tape

Quality: A+
Available formats: MP3
Notes: 6 tracks, Heaven on Their Minds, What’s The Buzz + Strange Thing Mystifying, Everything’s Alright, Damned for All Time + Blood Money, Judas’ Death, Trial Before Pilate, Superstar.

Orchestrations & Backing Tracks

Amateur Australian Backtracks
MP3, 21 tracks

Avondale Theatre Company Backing Tracks
MP3, 24 tracks

Chilenian Orchestrations
MP3, 25 tracks

Crescendo Show Tracks
MP3, 28 tracks

Derek Impens Backing Tracks
MP3, 24 tracks

Gdynia cieki Orkiestry
FLAC, 28 tracks

Japanese Instrumentals
MP3, 28 tracks

JCS Pistas con orquesta
WMA, 16 tracks

Johan’s Orchestrations
MP3/WMA, 3 tracks

Matt Adcock Complete Backing Tracks

MP3, 23 tracks

MP3, 4 tracks

New Orchestrations
MP3/M4A, 23 tracks

Piper Tracks Karaokes
MP3, 6 tracks

Spanish Orchestrations
MP3, 26 tracks

Symphonic Lloyd Webber
MP3, 8 tracks

The Evan Grubbs Recordings
MP3, 25 tracks

UK-US Tour Instrumentals
MP3, 24 tracks

Single tracks

Everything’s Alright – 7 versions

Gethsemane – 177 versions

Heaven On Their Minds – 27 versions

I Don’t Know How To Love Him – 51 versions

King Herod’s Song – 2 versions

Medley’s – 9 versions

Miscellaneous – 22 tracks

Pilate’s Dream – 3 versions

Superstar – 26 versions

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