Welcome to my website!

Hello, my name is Jay and this is my trading website dedicated to:

I have hundreds of recordings for trade. If you’re interested in trading, feel free to contact me. I also want to keep the information on this website as correct and complete as possible so should you find any listed mistakes or have details about recordings that are currently missing, please report them by contacting me. Thanks in advance!

My “Wants” List

Here’s some stuff I’m currently looking for. If you have any of these, please contact me! I’m sure we can work out a trade!

1972 French cast (Barclay 20047, with Eddy Mitchell and Nino Ferrer)
1984 Mexican cast (Looking for a higher quality version, preferably FLAC)
2000 Original Italian cast (Looking for a higher quality version, preferably FLAC)

Any quality upgrades or alternate sources for both audio and video recordings.
Any Superstar related stuff that I don’t have yet.